Confused with your KiwiSaver?

You're not alone!

Have you joined KiwiSaver but don't know who - or how -your  money is invested? Do you know if your KiwiSaver is investing in weapons or even whale meat?  Is your KiwiSaver provider using the most up-to-date investment techniques? How would you know?

What if you had your own, experienced, KiwiSaver adviser talking you through the options - step by step. Your adviser can help you choose a trustworthy, efficient and progressive KiwiSaver option that is right for you. 

What we offer

  • personalised KiwiSaver advice from a qualified adviser

  • annual reviews 

  • more control over your KiwiSaver - probably the largest investment you will ever make

The best thing is that you're probably paying for this advice right now  through your KiwiSaver fees. Click on the link below to email me now to organise an obligation-free chat and get your KiwiSaver sorted!

A disclosure statement is available free of charge upon request.

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