Get Personalised Advice

If you have at least $50,000  to invest, but are unsure where to start, please call for an obligation free chat. You have many options and depending upon the amount you have to invest and your expectations - this will determine our recommendations.

When moving away from cash in the bank, there can be a lot of jargon to get used to, an adviser should be able to explain things thoroughly to you so that you feel confident with your investing. 

There are many cost-effective, efficient investments that save you money in fees and increase your returns - without increasing your risk. Using clever calculators, together we can plan your retirement,  giving you confidence that your money will last.

A world of investments

NZ is a small place when it comes to investing. Make the most of low cost, efficient online investments to access the world's investment markets. Whether you're interested in cash and lower risk fixed interest or growth investments such as shares, a personal investment adviser can hold your hand and guide you through.